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Ozone Systems

Steelhead Steri Ozone Systems for Water Bottling

Steelhead’s Steri Ozone product line covers a wide range of bottling and filling applications

Steelhead Steri Ozone Systems offer you the ultimate in water ozone transfer and filler supply packages. Designed to seamlessly blend high-efficiency with uncompromising standards, they’ll impress even the toughest health inspector. Standard systems are available in flow rates from 30 to 300 gallons per minute. Customized systems are also available.

Steelhead Ozone Systems Features

Steelhead’s Steri Ozone Systems utilize our proprietary counter-current absorption system combined with a state of the art ozone generating system AND direct ozone monitoring to produce a highly efficient mass transfer and ozone control in your product water.

  • Ozone Generation, Absorption, & Filling Supply System Rated
  • State of the Art CLEARWATER TECH Ozone Production
  • System with Compressed Air Oxygen Generator
  • Variable Adjustment of Ozone Production Level
  • Steelhead’s Proprietary Stainless Steel Counter-Current Absorption Column (304SS)
  • Level Controlled Surge Tank to Balance Incoming and Outgoing Flows (304 SS)
  • Stainless Steel Re-Pressurization (Supply) Pump
  • Stainless Inlet and Outlet Piping
  • Individual Control for System Power, Level Control, Ozone
  • Production, and Pump Operation, each with Indicator Lights
  • Easy to Drain, Easy to Clean

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