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Full Plant Bottling Solution

3-5 Gallon / 19 Liter Bottling Lines

Steelhead’s high-speed and fully automated bottle washer, sterilizer, filler and capping lines

Steelhead’s 5-Gallon, high-speed water bottling machines are built with proven technology. Our bottling equipment systems are built to last and easy to maintain. As a result, our water bottling machines are trusted by the top brands in the HOD industry worldwide. Standard 5 Gallon Water Bottling equipment line includes the following;

  • Washer with fully automated wash and rinse cycles
  • High Speed capper
  • Linear filler system
  • Capping – Press-on and screw cap options
  • Stainless steel conveyor
  • De-Capper and Capper
  • Steri-60 Ozone System

Steelhead Standard Bottling Features

Steelhead water bottling equipment lines incorporate a flexible design that can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our systems can accommodate 3, 4, and 5-gallon non-returnable PET. In addition, our exclusive bottle neck sprayers exceed IBWA and NSF standards for contact times.

A typical high speed water bottling machine for sale includes the following components:

  • Non-contact filling
  • Standard or custom wash configurations
  • Static or inserting spray technology available
  • High-quality construction conveyor available in many configurations
  • Automatic bottling machine material handling and quality controls
  • Made of Heavy Duty 12 GA. Stainless Steel
  • 4 Bottles per Cycle
  • AC Frequency Controlled Gear Drive Motor for Precise Chain Movement
  • Quick Latch Removable Large Window Access Throughout
  • Multiple Quick Latch Removable Large Tank Access for each Tank

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