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Mineral Injection Systems

Steelhead Mineral Injection Systems

Steelhead’s MI units incorporate feed forward control for proportional mineral injection to guaranty an accurate blend for your product water.

Steelhead’s automatic mineral injection systems incorporate feed forward control for proportional mineral injection, on skid mineral concentrate preparation, and TDS feedback. Our system guarantees an accurate blend for your product water. Steelhead also provides extremely accurate and affordable additive injection for blends incorporating juices, vitamins, oils and other hard to monitor ingredients. We have systems from 30-300 gallons per minute and will tailor our design as needed to suit your application.

Steelhead Mineral Injection Systems Features

The Steelhead Mineral Injection System utilizes feed forward control via flow monitoring to drive high performance injection pumps. This rapid controlled injection, in combination with static mixing and feedback via TDS monitoring, make our injection system a state of art addition to your water bottling process. The entire unit is skid mounted on a stainless steel frame makin it easy to install.

A typical Steelhead MI system has the following components:

  • Injection of up to 4 Different Mineral Blends Simultaneously
  • High performance programmable injection pumps
  • FDA approved plastic or stainless steel dual cone-bottom mixing and storage tanks with low-level monitoring, drain piping and support stand
  • PLC adjustable controls for maintaining desired TDS
  • Continuous digital readout of flow rate and conductivity
  • Flow measurement for injection accuracy
  • Product water TDS monitor with alarm
  • Adjustable output via pump pulsing plus volume control
  • SS pipe header and structural frame
  • Separate switches for pump and mixer operation

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