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Natralysis Process™

New Alkaline Water Technology

An Environmentally friendly process producing high premium clean-tasting stable Alkaline water in multiple bottling plants in the US, EU and UK.

Steelhead Inc. & WET Environmental Ltd. is transforming the beverages industry by introducing a newly developed award-winning technology Activated Enhancement System (AES) which uses a method called the Natralysis Process™ to create the best natural alkaline base solution and bottled beverage products.

This technology puts into practice years of evidence-based research and IP-backed range of alkaline water and products that also contain no artificial sweeteners or added sugar. This is only achieved by WET’s Natralysis Process™

Natralysis Process Features

The Natralysis Process™ is typically installed within the customer bottling plant and is located after the existing filtration (e.g. Reverse Osmosis) and before the start of the production line.

A typical Natralysis Process consists of the following components:

  • Plug & Play Production
  • Can be installed within hours
  • One-Man line operation
  • Runs 24/7 with no production breaks required
  • No production waste
  • Production safe
  • 80% less production energy than electrolysis
  • Low TDS alkaline pH 10 product water
  • Stable & Consistent alkaline pH 10 product
  • Ozone & UV Compatible
  • Validated shelf life - 2+ years pH 10
  • Product manufacturer UL, CE, & UKAS certified safe

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