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Robotic Rack Loaders

Steelhead Robotic Rack Loaders and Unloaders

Steelhead offers mechanical and robotic bottle unloading, loading and packaging systems capable of 350 to 3,000 bottles per hour.

Steelhead offer robotic rack loaders and unloading when fully automated systems are required. Whether you want to eliminate only the heavy and difficult step of full bottle loading (minimizing injury and increasing line efficiency) or let the mechanical or robotic system do both sides of the rack, our systems can handle the work. We offer both mechanical and robotic solutions meeting both your budget and performance needs. If palletizing is your method, we have systems for that too. Semi Auto or fully automatic, from pallet and sheet manipulation to wrapping.

Steelhead Robotic Rack Loader Advantages

When considering manning reductions, Workman’s compensation claims, injuries and lost production time, Steelhead’s robotic rack loaders produce a ROI’s in less than 2-3 years for bottler producing over 400 BPH.

  • 350 to 3000 BPH Rack Loading and Unloading
  • Reliability
  • Compact Designs
  • Flexibility
  • Affordability

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