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Manual Beer Bottling

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Beer Bottling & Canning

Semi-Automatic Rinser Filler Capper with Bottling and Canning abilities. Our semi automatic counter-pressure bottling machines are designed specially for the artisan craft brewer or microbrewery to allow economical in-house bottling, with options for conveyors to include labelling and to speed up end of line packaging.

  • Faster filling cycle
  • User friendly
  • Fill any size bottle or can
  • IoT Smart Device
  • “No bottle/can – no spray” system

Steelhead Standard Bottling Features

Flexible Rinser – Filler – Capper – Seamer for glass bottle & aluminum can filling. Improved design with new and enhanced features.

A typical high speed bottling machine includes the following components:

  • Non-contact filling
  • Standard or custom wash configurations
  • Static or inserting spray technology available
  • High-quality construction conveyor available in many configurations
  • Automated material handling and quality controls
  • Automatic bottle detection
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Flexibility in adjusting the filling cycle
  • Pneumatic Isobaric Counterpressure filling valves

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    We Design Custom Bottling Solutions

    Complete Systems, Custom System, & on site setup available.