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Bottle Sniffer & Leak Tester

Steelhead High Speed, 5-Gallon Bottling Lines

High Speed, Inline Bottle Sniffer and Leak Tester System

The Steelhead sniffer is designed to sample air from bottled water containers using a patented electronic sensor technology and return a pass or fail decision for the presence of chemical vapor contaminants. The sniffer may function either integrated into our leak detector system or as a stand-alone testing device, depending on the customer’s requirements. It can be operated with HOD bottles typically in the 3 to 5 gallon range made from glass, PET or polycarbonate.

The sniffer is located in-line and upstream from the bottle washer to detect and reject contaminated bottles before their contents can enter the washer system. This protects against costly line shutdowns to empty and clean the washer, preventing contamination in one bottle from affecting many others.

The sniffer draws air from each bottle passing though the leak detector. It is presented with a 2 second flow of air drawn from the bottle and will indicate via an audio alarm and setting of an alarm status if the bottle has failed for contaminants. Failed bottles are rejected and automatically removed from the line. Unlike other systems on the market, Steelhead’s sniffer is designed to provide a very broad-based sensing capability that is not limited to a short list of a few specific chemicals. In fact, during operation it is able to detect and reject new sources of contamination, including chemicals it may not have been tested with previously. In this way our sniffer adapts real time to detect new compounds and protect washing systems against a much wider range of contaminants.

Steelhead Standard Bottling Features

Steelhead water bottling lines incorporate a flexible design that can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our systems can accommodate 3, 4, and 5-gallon non-returnable PET. In addition, our exclusive bottle neck sprayers exceed IBWA and NSF standards for contact times.

A typical high speed water bottling machine includes the following components:

  • Non-contact filling
  • Standard or custom wash configurations
  • Static or inserting spray technology available
  • High-quality construction conveyor available in many configurations
  • Automated material handling and quality controls
  • Made of Heavy Duty 12 GA. Stainless Steel
  • 4 Bottles per Cycle
  • AC Frequency Controlled Gear Drive Motor for Precise Chain Movement
  • Quick Latch Removable Large Window Access Throughout
  • Multiple Quick Latch Removable Large Tank Access for each Tank

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