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Activated Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon Filter Tank Systems

Steelhead’s high-speed and fully automated 5-Gallon bottle washer, sterilizer, filler and capping lines

Industrial Activated Carbon Water Filters will remove chlorine, odors (and foul tastes) running product through a bituminous coal media bed.

Steelhead Standard Bottling Features

An Industrial Activated Carbon Filter Tank system is composed of mineral tank, valve controllers, and media (Gravel and Activated Carbon).  Systems are available with different flow rate capacities. Smaller-sized units can have valve controllers like while medium-sized units can have air or electric actuated diaphragm valves which are controlled by a Digital Stager. Larger-units are equipped with  Siemens or Allen-Bradley controls

  • Control Valves (5) Lug Style BF Valves with lever lock handles
  • Steam / Drain Valves / Air Vent
  • Condensate Drain
  • Slow Fill Assembly
  • Temperature Monitor Thermometer
  • Media Removal 2” Ball Valve with Kamlock Connection
  • Flow Sensor Signet Factory Installed
  • Flow Controller
  • Acid Washed Activated Carbon 236 ft3 Acid Washed 12×40 Mesh

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