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Automatic Beer Bottling

6611 EPV Filling Machine

Beer Bottling & Canning

Option to rinse, fill and seal cans as well as bottles on the same machine. This high quality, high tech, automatic beer bottling machine features new EPV Electro Pneumatic Filling Valves, with special pre-evacuation of air which allows low TPO levels. Perfect for bottling wine, soft drinks, cider, kombucha or other still & sparkling drinks.

  • 6 rinsing nozzles
  • Delivers low TPO levels
  • Linear Rinsing Section
  • IoT Smart Device
  • Integral Brushless electronic camme operations

Steelhead Standard Bottling Features

Our fillerblock, thanks to the electro-pneumatic control of the filling valves fluxes/
filling sequence, offers high-speed precision filling and in the case of beer & cider filling,
minimal DO pickup levels.

A typical high speed bottling machine includes the following components:

  • Non-contact filling
  • Standard or custom wash configurations
  • Static or inserting spray technology available
  • High-quality construction conveyor available in many configurations
  • Automated material handling and quality controls
  • Automatic bottle detection
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Flexibility in adjusting the filling cycle
  • Pneumatic Isobaric Counterpressure filling valves

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