5 Gallon Water Bottling Lines 600 – 1200 BPH - Steelhead Inc. - Custom Bottling Solution
Steri System 30 Ozone System
The System consists of the following components, combined together for a seamless ozonated product water filler supply system
  • Ozone Generation, Absorption, Control and Filler Supply all in one skid
  • CWT 1500P Ozone generator
    • 7.5 gm/hr on dry filtered plant air
    • 4-20ma control with manual control available
    • Dry contact remote on/off control
    • Air cooled efficient design
  • On Board Air Supply and conditioning
    • Inlet Regulator with a 0.3 micron air filter built in
    • Silica Gel Drying Module to remove residual moisture down to -40 deg C dewpoint
    • Compressed air supplied
  • Steelhead proprietary counter current column
    • Counter current absorption technology
    • 100% stainless steel construction
    • 91% efficient in ozone gas mass transfer
  • Level controlled surge tank
    • Stainless Steel covered tank
    • 3 level points control water level and pump shut off for low level
  • Filler supply system
    • Goulds 1ST 316 SS supply pump, 2 HP
    • Pre-piped and wired on skid
    • Start/Stop Operation
    • Motor Control and Overload protection provided
  • Control System
    • Siemens PLC control for mechanical function
    • Inlet valve controlled by PLC
    • Front panel switches for power, level, ozone and pump control
    • Display lights for all activities
    • Rosemount Ozone monitor for ozone level display and proportional control to ozone generator (optional)
  • Piping System
    • 1.25″ Inlet piping Connection
    • 1″ discharge piping connection
    • 1″ drain connection with control valve

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