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Palletizing & Depalletizing Robots

Food Filling Equipment

IC Filling Systems are specialists in the integration of complete plastic bottle, glass bottle, glass jar, & plastic jar packaging solutions

Machines designed for both palletizing only or combined palletizing + depalletizing of layers of loose jars, bundles, boxes & cans. The range includes systems with product feeding from the top or from the bottom, with automatic or robotized operation. The choice of the solution depends on the customer’s requirements, in terms of productivity, flexibility and line layout.

Steelhead Standard Bottling Features

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We are able to advise on, integrate and supply:

  • Glass bottle or glass jar depalletizing units
  • Rinsers
  • Installation, commissioning, start-up & operator training packages
  • Capping systems
  • Bottle and jar inspection systems
  • Jar or bottle inverting equipment
  • Container drying tunnels
  • End of line cartoning systems
  • Palletizers
  • Pallet wrappers
  • Can/bottle/jar conveyor systems
  • Complete fruit or vegetable juice processing systems

We Design Custom Bottling Solutions

Complete Systems, Custom System, & on site setup available.