5 Gallon Water Bottling Lines 600 – 1200 BPH - Steelhead Inc. - Custom Bottling Solution
CapSnap Porta Plant 1000
Integrated bottle washing, filling and capping system for up to 1000 5-gallon round plastic bottles per hour
  • Bottle Washer (HJ-409): This machine can wash multiple bottles at once. It’s designed to handle 4 bottles side by side and has 9 cleaning stations. It’s automated, meaning bottles are loaded and unloaded without manual intervention.
  • Filler & Capper (FCR4-IL): This is where the bottles get filled. It has 4 filling points and comes with a special capping machine (C-5) to seal the bottles. The machine is enclosed to keep the air clean. The filling speed can be adjusted, ensuring bottles aren’t overfilled or damaged.
  • Conveyor System: This is like a moving belt that transports the bottles through the system. It’s 58 feet long and powered. However, it doesn’t come with trays to catch any drips, but you can get those separately.
  • Certifications: The system is recognized and approved by several health and safety organizations, ensuring it’s safe and up to standard.

CapSnap Porta Plant 1000 Systems Features

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