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Nano Filtration Systems

Nano Filtration Systems

Steelhead’s offers custom nano filtration systems when higher levels of conductivity is needed

A recent nanofiltration system will provide with 75 GPM of clean water with approximately 50 parts per million of total dissolved solids for the purpose of making ice.  Nanofiltration technology is being utilized to achieve the desired TDS because Reverse Osmosis will leave the conductivity of the water below the ideal concentration.   This system is automatic in operation with one control panel. The system has a conductivity monitor that will alarm and send water to drain if product water quality falls outside of acceptable limits.

System Requirements:

  • System Feed Flow – 88 GPM
  • Permeate Flow – 75 GPM
  • Recovery Rate – 85%
  • Total Dissolved Solids – 50 PPM
  • RO Pressure Vessel Array – 2:1
  • Membranes per Vessel – 6
  • Total Membranes – 18

Steelhead Standard Bottling Features

Steelhead’s offers custom water treatment solutions including nano filtration systems.

Standard Features include:

  • (18) 8” X 40” ESNA1-LF2-LD nanofilters
  • 8” FRP nanofilter housings, 6 long, 150 PSI
  • 2-Stage, Goulds 33SV SS vertical centrifugal pump
  • 10 HP pump motor with VFD
  • 304SS structural frame
  • Sch 80 PVC feed, permeate, and concentrate piping
  • 5 Micron filter housing – (11) 2.5” X 20” Cartridge filters
  • Low pressure switch on inlet of HP pump
  • High pressure switch on outlet of HP pump
  • Pressure gauges on cartridge filter inlet, cartridge filter outlet/hp pump inlet, RO housing inlet, high pressure concentrate and permeate
  • Permeate water conductivity monitoring with divert valve setpoint (user adjustable)
  • Flow meters on feed, concentrate, and permeate
  • Integrated controls with PLC and automatic operation

We Design Custom Bottling Solutions

Complete Systems, Custom System, & on site setup available.