Steelhead, Inc. Announces Change In Ownership - Steelhead Inc. - Custom Bottling Solution

Steelhead, Inc. Announces Change In Ownership

  • November 16, 2022
Steelhead, Inc. Announces Change In Ownership - Steelhead Inc. - Custom Bottling Solution

New Business Partners Vow to Maintain Core Values, Build Business from its Solid Foundation

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, March 8, 2021 — Steelhead, Inc., manufacturer of equipment for the bottled water industry, has announced today the successful transfer of ownership from the Cooke & Pyle family to long-time employee David Redick and business leader, John Walsh. This move represents an opportunity to sustain the company’s legacy while positioning Steelhead for future growth.

According to Redick, “When I heard that the Cooke family was considering selling the business, I jumped at the chance to put together a business plan and purchase the company. Becoming an owner of Steelhead has been a dream and goal of mine for many years; I am blessed to have the opportunity to build on the company’s solid foundation.”
Co-owner and 20 year employee, Redick will serve as President, overseeing sales and engineering. Redick is a 25-year water industry veteran, who holds a degree in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley and a graduate degree in controls engineering. He has vast experience in complex system design working for some of the largest US bottled water equipment manufacturers.

Walsh will serve as CEO, responsible for developing and executing short- and long-term business strategies. Walsh is a sales and marketing leader as well as business consultant. While honing his commercial skills during a 17-year stint with Danaher Corporation, Walsh earned a black belt in Danaher’s Business System.
Redick went on to say, “It is my goal to maintain our core values which revolve around flexibility, innovation, corporate stewardship, and honesty. Initiatives going forward will focus on sustained customer satisfaction, product enhancements, and market penetration. And, it goes without saying, that our successes, past and present, could not be and will not be achieved without the support from our San Antonio staff. Going forward, we will rely on their expertise, drive, and loyalty to make Steelhead a driving force in the water industry.”
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About Steelhead, Inc.

Steelhead, Inc. is an industry leader with 50 years of experience producing and delivering bottling, water treatment, and laundry oxidation systems to over 90 countries. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Steelhead, Inc. is a privately held company providing engineering, design, and manufacturing services as well as service and support.
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