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PET Plastic Water Cooler Bottle

When it comes to ensuring clean and refreshing hydration, PET plastic Water Cooler Bottles stand as a reliable and environmentally responsible solution. These water cooler bottles offer a range of features that make them an excellent choice for homes, offices, and events. Discover the key benefits of PET plastic water coolers, including their safety, sustainability, and efficient design. Explore how they outshine traditional water cooler alternatives, promoting both convenience and a reduced environmental footprint.

Our Refillable PET Water Cooler bottles are BPA free, fully recyclable and have market-leading durability and strength.


Product Guarantee/Certificate of Analysis Materials used in the manufacturing of our closures comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as, other regulatory agencies. Resins, colorants, liners, plastic bags and other processing materials are purchased from vendors who have passed rigorous internal testing requirements. In addition, Steelhead, Inc. has on file a FDA compliance letter and a MSDS for each item used to produce our closure. All material's are approved for food contact applications and meet the requirements of Food Additive, Regulation 21 CFR: 177-1520 (2.1) and others. Colorant used in our closures does not contain lead or cadmium heavy metal components. Poly chlorinated biphenyl (PCB) is not present in our closures. Steelhead will provide MSDS and FDA compliance letters for each individual component, if requested in writing by an officer of your company and dealt with as confidential