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Blue Ring Seal Cap

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Our Blue Ring Seal Technology replaces traditional foam liners and has superior sealing capabilities. The blue ring seal is a standard feature on every Arctica cap ad is akin to an industrial “O” ring for leak prevention. Conventional wisdom concludes that if water is able to leak out, contaminants are able to get in. The Blue Ring Seal performs well when exposed to the mandated ozone levels for bottled water production while retaining enough flexibility to provide superior sealing capabilities compared to traditional foam gaskets.

Product Features:

  • Works with all bottles: PC, PET and Glass
  • Meets US FDA and Health Canada food packaging requirements
  • Operates like an “O” ring for superior sealing capabilities
  • Compatible with Ozone exposure during bottling process
  • Made of 100% food grade virgin resin
  • Easy to remove pull tab, saves time when removing existing caps
  • Easy to recycle (no foam to separate)
  • Meets Canadian single plastic regulations
  • Patented one piece cap design

For further questions please contact your local sales representative or Contact Customer service at: 800-966-7471


  • 2 piece cap with middle plug


Our patented probe activated caps are made of a single piece of plastic. The internal flap opens upon placement on the water cooler resulting in a closed system solution which eliminates the potential for floaters.

  • PA5G Advantages:
    • no floaters
    • uses less plastic than traditional two-piece caps in which a section separates from the cap body
    • Compatible with all probe coolers


Lighter version of PA5G (most popular). PA5G LIGHT cap weighs approximately 3 grams less than PA5G or AIC5NS which means less plastic waste. This equates to about 100 lbs less plastic waste per standard pallet of caps. The PA5G Light cap is lighter and shorter than standard caps.

  • PA5G LIGHT Advantages:
    • Less plastic is used in our light models (equates to 132lbs less
      plastic used per skid)
    • Maintains strength despite less plastic being used which means no
    • Offers a green solution for environmentally conscious customers

Custom cap colors are available, choose any Pantone color for an additional fee. This option offers a unique and vibrant way to personalize your water bottle caps.

Steelhead Inc. offers generic and custom printed labels for all of our closures. These labels allow you to advertise your company and your products. Begin by providing Steelhead a rough layout of your design and your choice of colors. Digital art is acceptable. Contact Steelhead to obtain our disk preparation requirements. There is a one (1) time charge for camera-ready artwork and plates. Steelhead can print up to three (3) colors per label and we can have your custom label ready to be applied to your cap order within two (2) weeks after receiving your camera ready artwork’s approval.

Steelhead Inc.’s tamper evident, non-adhesive labels are bonded to our caps. Since the label is adhesive free, it removes easily and once removed, it cannot be reapplied. The label will not stick to the bottle or cooler. This results in improved production efficiencies and increased customer satisfaction. Our labels can be customized with your company logo. There is a one time charge for artwork and plates.

Product Guarantee/Certificate of Analysis Materials used in the manufacturing of our closures comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as, other regulatory agencies. Resins, colorants, liners, plastic bags and other processing materials are purchased from vendors who have passed rigorous internal testing requirements. In addition, Steelhead, Inc. has on file a FDA compliance letter and a MSDS for each item used to produce our closure. All material's are approved for food contact applications and meet the requirements of Food Additive, Regulation 21 CFR: 177-1520 (2.1) and others. Colorant used in our closures does not contain lead or cadmium heavy metal components. Poly chlorinated biphenyl (PCB) is not present in our closures. Steelhead will provide MSDS and FDA compliance letters for each individual component, if requested in writing by an officer of your company and dealt with as confidential